What is the difference between tutor and lecturer?

A lecturer: A teacher who gives lectures, lectures or informational classes to entire groups of students. While a tutor and a teacher teach, they are two completely different positions. A tutor can teach anything outside of school. Tutors may have very specific skills that they teach to their students.

The tutors are usually teachers of one or two subjects. They work privately for individual or small groups of students. A person who gives lectures, especially as a profession. Teachers and tutors have slightly different roles; however, both are there to help you understand the content of the unit and the requirements of the assessment.

The main difference between the tutor and the teacher is that the tutor provides additional information to help the student understand the material to be learned in an informal or special way rather than a teacher who provides a formal learning session following the specific curriculum. Tutor is a word that has partial synonyms, because other words do not describe in detail what it means to be a tutor. A tutor is free from the hassle of a group of students at the same time that here individual teaching is practical and the student receives the full attention of the tutor.

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