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Companies such as Nestlé, BT, VirginMedia, Lidl, Diageo, Fujitsu, Samsung, Vodafone, Dell, Mondelez, and Ford offersales graduate schemes, each with their own distinct focus and advantages.These schemes range from two to three years in length and offer graduates thechance to work with renowned brands, become ambassadors for their companies,and optimise sales.

The JUMP programme by Mondelez offers ablend of sales and marketing experience, while Ford's graduate scheme providespossibilities for expansion and impact in the automotive industry.

Graduates interested in pursuing a careerin sales can greatly benefit from these schemes, gaining valuable experienceand skills to launch their careers successfully.

Key Takeaways

Sales graduate schemes offer recent graduates the opportunity tostart their careers in sales. These programmes provide hands-on experience andknowledge of different aspects of sales techniques, helping graduates todevelop their skills and tailor their approach to each customer.

Companieslike Nestlé, BT, Virgin Media, Lidl, Diageo, Fujitsu, Samsung, Vodafone, Dell,Mondelez, and Ford all offer sales graduate schemes, each with a differentfocus and advantages. These schemes can last from two to three years and givegraduates the opportunity to work with well-known brands, become ambassadorsfor their companies, and optimise sales.

Mondelez'sJUMP programme provides a combination of sales and marketing experience, whileFord's graduate scheme provides opportunities for growth and impact in theautomotive industry.

Graduatesinterested in a career in sales can benefit greatly from these schemes, gainingvaluable experience and skills to launch their careers successfully.

Sales GraduateSchemes Available

There are numerous sales graduate schemes available at companiessuch as Nestlé, BT, Virgin Media, Lidl, Diageo, Fujitsu, Samsung, Vodafone,Dell, Mondelez and Ford, offering graduates the opportunity to gain practicalexperience and tailor their sales approach to maximise sales.

These schemes provide numerous benefits for graduates, including thechance to work with well-known brands, develop effective communication skills,and contribute to the growth and impact of the business.

Sales graduate schemes also offer rotations in various sales roles,allowing graduates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the sales processand explore different areas of interest.

Moreover, these programmes often provide mentorship and guidancefrom experienced professionals, enabling graduates to learn from theirknowledge and bolster their sales capabilities.

All in all, sales graduate schemes offer a valuable platform forgraduates to start their careers in sales and succeed in this competitiveindustry.


Nestléprovides a sales program for new university graduates, enabling people with anydegree to join and hone their sales abilities.

Thissales graduate scheme offers a host of advantages, such as:

            Comprehensivetraining: Graduates receive comprehensive training to improve their salestactics and knowledge.

            Variedcareer prospects: Nestlé offers a wide range of sales roles, allowing graduatesto explore different parts of the company.

            Exposureto iconic brands: Graduates have the opportunity to work with renowned brandsand acquire valuable experience in promoting and boosting sales.

            Professionaldevelopment: The scheme provides ongoing learning and development opportunitiesto assist graduates in their growth and success in their sales careers.

            Globalnetworking: Nestlé's global presence allows graduates to construct a globalnetwork and work with professionals from different backgrounds.

Byengaging in Nestlé's sales graduate scheme, individuals can start their salescareers and gain useful skills and experiences in a distinguished company.


BToffers a two-year sales graduate scheme that provides hands-on experience andexposure to sales methodology. This programme is designed to equip graduateswith the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a sales role. Throughoutthe scheme, participants will have the opportunity to work on real salesprojects, collaborate with experienced sales professionals, and gain valuableinsights into the sales process. The programme also includes rotations indifferent sales roles, allowing participants to gain a comprehensiveunderstanding of the sales function within BT. In addition to the practicalexperience, graduates will receive formal training and development to enhancetheir sales skills. Overall, BT's sales graduate scheme is an excellentopportunity for graduates to get a head start in their career in sales andbuild a strong foundation in the field. Participants will be able to gainexperience in real sales projects, collaborate with experienced professionals,and rotate through different sales roles to gain a comprehensive understandingof the sales process. They will also receive formal training and development tosharpen their sales skills. All in all, BT's sales graduate scheme is an idealplatform for graduates to jumpstart their careers in sales.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What are thespecific requirements or qualifications needed to apply for the Lidl salesgraduate management programme?

Thespecific requirements and qualifications needed to apply for the Lidl salesgraduate management programme include effective communication skills, theability to work well both individually and as part of a team, and a degreequalification. Specialised knowledge in the retail sector is also advantageous.

Can you providemore details about the rotational aspect of the Virgin Media sales graduatescheme? How often do graduates rotate and what types of sales roles areinvolved?

Therotational aspect of the Virgin Media sales scheme involves graduates rotatingbetween different sales roles. The frequency of these rotations and the typesof sales roles involved are not specified. Specialised training is provided toensure graduates are equipped with the skills they need to make the most oftheir opportunities.

What brands orproducts do graduates in the Diageo sales graduate programme typically workwith?

Graduatesin the Diageo sales graduate programme are provided with the opportunity towork with iconic brands to maximise sales. The programme offers jobresponsibilities in sales, offering the potential for career development in thefield. Graduates can expect to learn new skills and gain valuable experience.

How does theFujitsu sales graduate scheme prepare graduates to become ambassadors for thecompany and help reach sales targets?

TheFujitsu sales graduate scheme prepares graduates to become ambassadors for thecompany and contribute to sales targets by providing them with training anddevelopment programs focused on honing their sales skills and productknowledge. These programs emphasize effective communication and teamworkskills, helping graduates become more confident and successful in their salesroles.

Can you providemore information about the rotations in various sales roles within the Vodafonebusiness sales graduate scheme? What types of sales roles are included in therotations?

TheVodafone Business Sales Scheme offers rotations in a range of sales roles,giving graduates the opportunity to acquire experience in different areas ofsales. These rotations offer chances to build a varied skillset and acomprehensive understanding of the sales function within Vodafone.

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