Can teaching be a side job?

There are parallel jobs for teachers who work as messengers, food delivery drivers or even delivering food. So if you'd rather drive around people than things, drive on Uber or Lyft. With any of these side jobs, you set the hours and areas in which you will work. You can even decide which jobs you are going to choose, such as becoming a tutor and helping Profs find tutor services.

A teacher who is flexible about where they make their lesson plans and grades, or who has some free time on the weekends, might consider going to a house or taking care of pets. Taking care of the house could include watering the plants or perhaps a light cleaning, and caring for pets could include walking and making sure that the pet is fed and cared for. When students log in for tutoring help, Tutapoint's online matching system automatically routes them to the teacher with the appropriate credentials they need. However, this tutoring platform is a bit demanding, as it requires you to have 2 years of teaching experience and a bachelor's degree, among other requirements.

Unlike most tutoring environments, in Brainfuse you'll teach multiple students in a single session. All you need to start your tutoring work here is the possession of a university certificate, preferably a teaching certificate. To demonstrate the disconnect between teacher salaries and cost of living, Teaching Abroad, a UK-based workplace for educators, developed the Teaching Salary Index. That said, if you can teach at the tertiary level and in a foreign language, earning 6 figures is within easy reach.

They hire tutors for all levels of the academy, but they have set high standards in the selection criteria of their teachers. As with most online teaching platforms, you can schedule sessions with students at any time that is convenient for you.

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