Is it worth it to get a tutor at the university?

Students get a double benefit from tutoring. They can focus on better understanding the topic through mentoring sessions and these benefits are maintained. When students study on their own, they can focus and organize more effectively because they have someone who holds them accountable. While tutoring is more likely to benefit the student than not, research on tutoring is contradictory because there are so many factors at play.

These options are offered both by tutoring companies that hire many tutors and by individuals, such as university students and professors. Your tutor can diagnose gaps, do whatever type of teaching is necessary, and then you do your best to practice fundamental skills on your own between sessions with the tutor. Mentoring with Varsity Tutors means working on your schedule, whenever you can or want, so you can achieve a healthy balance in your life. I went to my school's tutoring center, but it's only online and only in group sessions, and the tutoring center also makes me feel bad about not understanding the basics.

For tutoring to be effective, students must be actively involved in the process, not just sit quietly while the tutor speaks.

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