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Notable companies including Google,Facebook, Visa, Just Eat, BT, Tesco, Samsung, NHS, Expedia Group,NaturalMotion, and TravelPerk offer product management graduate schemes, withstarting salaries ranging from £25,000 to £35,000. Career prospects for productmanagers are strong, with senior product managers earning between £40,000 andover £100,000.

Additionally, tech startups provideexciting prospects for junior product manager roles in fast-paced environments.For those interested in such roles, websites such as Otta, LinkedIn, andAngelList can be useful resources. Alternatively, individuals can utilise theirskills in business, technology, and user experience to transition into productmanagement within their organisations.

Key Takeaways

Product management graduate schemes provide recent graduates with avaluable opportunity to kick-start a career in product management. Theseschemes involve devising product strategies and ensuring successful productlaunches through effective collaboration with cross-functional teams. To thrivein this role, product managers must possess an in-depth understanding ofbusiness, technology, and user experience.

Leadingcompanies such as Google, Facebook, Visa, Just Eat, BT, Tesco, Samsung, NHS,Expedia Group, NaturalMotion, and TravelPerk offer product management graduateschemes, with starting salaries ranging from £25,000 to £35,000. Careerprospects for product managers are strong, with senior product managers earningbetween £40,000 and over £100,000.

Inaddition, tech startups offer exciting opportunities for junior product managerroles in fast-paced environments. For those interested in such roles, websitessuch as Otta, LinkedIn, and AngelList can be useful resources. Alternatively,individuals can harness their skills in business, technology, and userexperience to transition into product management within their organisations.

What is it?

Productmanagement graduate schemes involve the strategic development and successfulimplementation of products, requiring the leadership of cross-functional teamsand a deep understanding of business, technology, and user experience. Theseschemes provide recent graduates with the opportunity to gain practicalexperience and develop their skills in product management.

Graduateson these schemes typically work closely with experienced product managers,learning how to build product strategies, guide product success, andcollaborate with various stakeholders.

Interms of salary, starting salaries for product management graduates range from£25,000 to £35,000. However, career progression in product management ispositive, with senior product managers earning £40,000 to over £100,000. Thismakes product management a promising career path for individuals interested inbusiness, technology, and user experience.

Roles andResponsibilities

One of the key roles in product management is to leadcross-functional teams in the design, development, and delivery of products.Product managers take on the responsibility of product ownership, where theyare accountable for the overall success of the product. They collaborateclosely with software engineers, UX designers, and marketing managers to ensurethat the product meets the requirements of the target audience.

In addition to product ownership, product managers also play animportant part in implementing Agile practices. They work with their teams toset precise goals and objectives, prioritize tasks, and ensure that thedevelopment process is iterative and flexible. They are responsible forcreating and maintaining the product roadmap, as well as gathering andanalysing user feedback to make informed decisions about product improvements.

Overall, product managers are at the forefront of product strategy,guiding the growth and success of products through productive collaboration andthe use of Agile methodologies.

Entry Requirements

The qualifications and prerequisites for entering the field ofproduct management differ depending on the particular graduate scheme, butcommonly sought-after qualities include a strong interest in technology and aneagerness to continually learn and adapt.

Although some product management graduate schemes may necessitate adistinct degree or background in business, technology, or user experience, manyorganisations are open to applicants from diverse academic backgrounds.

It is not unusual for product management roles to attract individualsthat have an enthusiasm for problem-solving, strategic thinking, and thecapacity to cooperate with cross-functional teams.

As for career paths, product managers have excellent prospects forprogression, with senior roles offering salary expectations ranging from£40,000 to over £100,000.

Furthermore, tech startups often offer junior product managerpositions, which can provide valuable experience in fast-paced environments.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is thetypical recruitment process for product management graduate schemes?

Therecruitment process for product management graduate schemes typically involvesa combination of application screening, assessment centres, interviews, andsometimes, case studies. Selection criteria may include academic qualifications,relevant experience, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit. Applicants mustdemonstrate their expertise in the field, with a focus on problem-solving andstrategy development. Interviews may include behavioural questions, technicalquestions, and questions to gauge a candidate's understanding of the industry.Assessment centres may involve team exercises, presentations, and writtentests. Finally, some companies may ask applicants to complete a case study todemonstrate their problem-solving and strategic abilities.

Are there anyspecific skills or qualifications that are highly valued by employers forproduct management graduate schemes?

Highlyvalued skills for product management schemes include strong business acumen,technical understanding, analytical thinking, problem-solving, communication,leadership, and teamwork. Qualifications such as a degree in business,technology, or a related field are also essential. A strong background inspecialized areas related to product management, such as customer relations,market research, and product development, is highly desirable. It is alsoimportant to have excellent interpersonal and organizational skills as well asthe ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

How long doproduct management graduate schemes typically last?

Productmanagement graduate schemes typically last for an average duration of 1-2years. These programmes are structured to provide graduates with comprehensivetraining and experience in product management, including rotations acrossdifferent teams and departments. Graduates can expect to gain a wide range ofskills, such as problem-solving, communication and specialised productknowledge. This provides them with the opportunity to develop their knowledgeand understanding of product management.

Are there anyopportunities for international placements or rotations within productmanagement graduate schemes?

Opportunitiesfor international exposure in product management offer several advantages. Theyprovide a global viewpoint, cultural understanding, and a chance to work invarious markets. International placements improve adaptability andcommunication abilities, assisting in creating a well-rounded product manager.These benefits can help set apart product managers from their peers and openmore doors for career progression.

What kind ofsupport or training is provided to graduates during their time in the productmanagement graduate schemes?

Supportivementorship and practical, hands-on training are provided to graduates inproduct management graduate schemes to ensure they develop the necessary skillsand knowledge to succeed in their roles and make meaningful contributions tothe company. Specialised guidance and support are provided throughout theduration of the scheme to help graduates navigate their way through thetransition from student to professional.

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