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Economic consulting graduate jobsprovide recent graduates with the opportunity to enter the field of consultingand contribute to various areas of economics and finance. This article willexplore the types of jobs available, entry requirements, and tips for successin securing these positions.

Graduate coaches in economic consultingplay a vital role in guiding and supporting new graduates as they navigate theindustry. They offer advice and mentorship, helping graduates develop thenecessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. These roles areavailable in prestigious companies such as PwC, FTI Consulting, FrontierAnalytics, and Oxera, each with its own specific entry requirements andpathways for career advancement.

To secure a graduate coach position ineconomic consulting, it is essential for candidates to possess a strongacademic background, with a minimum of a 2:1 degree in Economics or a relatedsubject. Gaining relevant work experience through internships and crafting awell-crafted CV can greatly enhance the chances of success. Additionally,improving interview techniques and demonstrating a passion for finance,economics, and personal growth can set candidates apart from the competition.

By understanding the types of jobsavailable, meeting the entry requirements, and implementing effectivestrategies, aspiring graduate coaches can position themselves for success inthe field of economic consulting.

Key Takeaways

Economic consulting graduate jobs provide recent graduates with theopportunity to enter the field of consulting and contribute to various areas ofeconomics and finance. This article will explore the types of positionsavailable, entry requirements, and tips for success in securing these roles.

Coachesin economic consulting play a vital role in guiding and supporting newgraduates as they navigate the industry. They offer advice and mentorship,helping graduates develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in theircareers. Such roles are available in prestigious companies such as PwC, FTIConsulting, Frontier Analytics, and Oxera, each with its own specific entryrequirements and pathways for career advancement.

Tosecure a coach position in economic consulting, it is essential for candidatesto possess a strong academic background, with a minimum of a 2:1 degree inEconomics or a related subject. Gaining relevant work experience throughinternships and crafting a well-crafted CV can greatly increase the chances ofsuccess. Additionally, improving interview techniques and demonstrating apassion for finance, economics, and personal growth can set candidates apartfrom the competition.

Byunderstanding the types of positions available, meeting the entry requirements,and implementing effective strategies, aspiring coaches can position themselvesfor success in the field of economic consulting.

Types of Jobs

There are a variety of types of economic consulting jobs available,such as those at PwC, FTI Consulting, Frontier Analytics, and Oxera. Each jobhas its own distinct entry requirements and duties. These roles cover a rangeof industries and offer prospects for career advancement.

PwC'sEconomic Consulting scheme, for instance, requires working with well-knownclients and law firms to provide advice in areas such as competition economics,financial economics, and market design.

FTIConsulting provides an Economic Financial Consulting graduate scheme, whereconsultants work in small groups to conduct quantitative and business analysisand can earn qualifications such as Chartered Accountant or Chartered FinancialAnalyst.

FrontierAnalytics has an Analyst programme for graduates who have achieved a 2:1 orequivalent degree and a Masters's in Economics to work on projects witheconomists and senior analysts.

Oxera,on the other hand, offers three pathways for graduate analysts: EconomicsAnalyst, Economics Analyst Econometrics, and Analyst Finance and Valuation.

Thesevarious types of economic consulting jobs provide graduates with greatopportunities to develop their capabilities and knowledge in the field.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for positions in economic consulting vary acrossdifferent companies, with some accepting a minimum of a 2:1 undergraduatedegree in any field and others requiring specialised degrees in economics orrelated subjects.

When comparing entry requirements across economic consulting firms,it is important to consider the following:

            The levelof degree required: Some firms may accept a 2:1 undergraduate degree, whileothers may require a first-class degree or a specific grade point average.

            The fieldof study: While some firms accept graduates from any field, others prefercandidates with a degree in economics or a related subject. Having a relevantundergraduate degree can demonstrate a strong foundation in economic principlesand theories.

            Additionalqualifications: Some firms may require candidates to have a postgraduate degreeor specific professional qualifications in economics or finance.

            Workexperience: Some firms may value candidates with prior experience in economicconsulting or related fields, such as internships or research positions.

Having a relevant undergraduate degree in economic consulting rolescan be important as it demonstrates a strong academic background and knowledgein the field. However, it is worth noting that each firm may have its ownspecific entry requirements, so it is important for candidates to research therequirements of individual companies before applying.

Tips for Success

To increase the likelihood of success in securing a position ineconomic consulting, candidates should focus on enhancing their skills andexperiences through avenues such as consulting summer internships, effectivelydisplaying their accomplishments on their CVs, and improving their interviewtechniques. These tips can help candidates stand out from the competition anddemonstrate their suitability for the role.

Acquiring relevant skills through internships provides valuablehands-on experience and allows candidates to develop a deeper understanding ofeconomic consulting.

Additionally, effectively displaying accomplishments on a CV canhighlight relevant qualifications and experiences.

Improving interview techniques is also crucial as it enablescandidates to confidently articulate their skills and abilities during thehiring process.

Furthermore, attending networking events and building connectionswithin the industry can provide valuable networking opportunities, leading topotential job openings and career advancement.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is theaverage starting salary for economic consulting graduate jobs?

Theaverage starting salary for economic consulting graduate jobs differs dependingon the company and location. These positions typically offer competitivesalaries, and there may be opportunities for international work or assignments.

Are thereopportunities for international travel or relocation in economic consultinggraduate roles?

Opportunitiesfor international travel and relocation are common in economic consultingroles. Many consulting firms have global clients and projects, requiringconsultants to travel and work in different locations around the world.Specialised training and support are usually provided to ensure a smoothtransition and successful project delivery. Working abroad can provide a uniquecultural experience and a chance to develop new skills.

What is thetypical career progression for economic consultants?

Thecareer progression for economic consultants typically involves advancing fromentry-level positions to more senior roles, such as senior consultant ormanager. With experience and expertise, consultants can specialise in specificareas and may have opportunities for job prospects and advancement within theirconsulting firm or industry.

Do economicconsulting firms provide training and professional development opportunities?

Economicconsulting firms often provide training and professional developmentopportunities for their staff. These may include skill development programmesand mentorship schemes, which help people to increase their knowledge andprogress in their careers.

How does thework-life balance in economic consulting graduate jobs typically compare toother industries?

Thework-life balance in economic consulting can vary, but the impact of remoteworking has enabled more flexibility. Strategies for maintaining a balancebetween work and leisure include setting boundaries, prioritising self-care andeffective time management.

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