Tutoring as a university student?

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Online tutoring positions can offer a competitive rate and are easier to manage with a class schedule than other jobs, since you don't have to factor in travel and some companies allow you to set your own schedule. There are online tutoring jobs for a variety of subjects, specialties, degrees and approaches, from teaching English as a Second Language to tutoring high school students. Not all online tutoring companies are the same, and each has different rates, experience requirements, and positions. Here is a summary of five companies, including what they offer by the hour and the general requirements for employment.

College students in the second year and above can apply, but current undergraduate students will likely be responsible for tutoring students at lower levels in core courses. Guardians can set their own schedule, but must work a minimum of five hours per week to continue working. TutorMe offers a competitive hourly wage and the ability to choose your own schedule. Tutors have a wide range of subjects to choose from, including standard education courses and professional skills such as driver safety and Photoshop.

The company offers interactive resources such as a virtual whiteboard, a text editor and the ability to share the screen. TutorMe also specializes in preparing for major high school exams, such as ACT and SAT, but you'll likely need professional tutoring experience for this specific type of tutoring. Studypool is an online tutoring service that allows tutors to bid and respond to questions submitted by students. Students will set a time limit and price range, and multiple tutors will bid on each question.

The student will then choose the tutor that best suits their needs and send the payment to Studypool. Once the question has been officially answered and approved by the student, the payment will be distributed to the tutor. Cambly Partners Native English Speakers with Students Who Learn English as a Second Language. No degree or teaching license is required to be accepted, and tutors set their own schedule.

However, you'll need to be willing to work some non-traditional hours due to your students' different time zones. Magic Ears brings together fluent English speakers with students in China who are learning English in a classroom, with one teacher for every four students. Students in the program can be between 4 and 12 years old. After 10 classes, tutors have the option of requesting a “waiting list” class, which essentially serves as a substitute teacher when the elementary teacher cancels or does not show up.

While teachers are not required to have a degree, they must have an academic record to show that they are currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program. They must also have a 120-hour ESL certification. After an initial six months with Magic Ears, a development coach evaluates teachers to determine if they can continue their contract. On most tutoring websites, you're responsible for building your reputation as a tutor.

To maximize your potential earnings, it's important to be as professional and prepared as possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind before applying for tutoring jobs online. When conducting interviews for different jobs, stick to your topic of specialization. This usually means focusing on a topic related to your title.

This will not only help you feel more confident in your position, but it will also establish your reputation on the site and attract more customers. Many of the sites also require potential tutors to take proficiency tests in specific areas, so you should capitalize on the subjects you are most comfortable with. When you start your business as an online tutor, set limits for yourself as soon as you can. It can be tempting to work around the clock, especially when time differences are a factor, but don't try too hard and remember to focus primarily on your schoolwork.

If you decide to work as a freelancer instead of working through a website, research tutor rates in line with your level of experience to establish a fair and competitive hourly rate. If you choose to start your own tutoring business, advertise your knowledge, fees and experience on every possible social media platform. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to connect with people looking for tutoring services. The amount you could earn with online tutoring depends on the hourly rates set by the website and the number of hours you work per week.

There are many people who give private lessons full time, and some even report six-figure salaries. However, fees will vary depending on the subject, your experience, and the company, so research some online tutoring companies before you apply to ensure that you receive fair compensation. Also keep in mind that most companies charge service fees, which can be 20 percent or more, you'll have to factor that into every expected payment. Students get a double benefit from tutoring.

They can focus on better understanding the topic through mentoring sessions and these benefits are transferred. When students study on their own, they can focus and organize more effectively because they have someone who holds them accountable. Mentoring is probably one of the oldest teaching methods. In ancient Greece, at the time of Plato and Socrates, the children of the rich were educated individually or in small groups by teachers or tutors.

During the Middle Ages, the children of noble and rich people continued to receive their education as guardians. When the most formalized educational institutions became available, teachers began teaching, but tutors continued to play an important role in the learning process. In the past, only wealthy students had tutors. Today, tutoring programs are widely available to students through their schools, churches, and community agencies, as well as private tutoring services.

Today, students at all levels receive tutoring to help them master reading, mathematics, chemistry and physics. Today, a student can even get a tutor to prepare them for high-risk tests, such as the SAT or the GRE. Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance; however, tutoring can strengthen a student's understanding of course material. The purpose of tutoring is to help students become independent students by improving learning strategies.

Students are encouraged to use academic support services sponsored by the University in addition to those provided by the Academic Resource Center. Tutors can help students master the fundamentals of their courses, so that they have a solid foundation when the subject becomes more complex. Imitating the steps shown by a tutor will not help the student become an independent student and will not help the student learn critical thinking skills. You can accept or decline your requests and then exchange contact details to set up a meeting or start an online tutoring.

One day the student asked me for an extension of the assignment, since, as the student told me, her tutor was sick and that's why the tutor couldn't do the homework, not even a problem. With First Tutors, you can offer face-to-face or online tutoring sessions and, again, you set your own rates and don't pay any fees. Many talented young people use online tutoring as a way to earn some money while studying at school or university. To present your tutoring service, you'll need to write something similar to a cover letter, in which you confidently state what makes you an ideal tutor for someone looking to review your specialized topic.

Once again, students are encouraged to consult with their teachers if they decide to hire a private tutor to ensure that such assistance does not violate the academic integrity of the course. However, during the first year at university, there is still a lot to learn, and you may be discovering a whole new world academically and socially, so you may find that you don't have as much time as you expected to devote to part-time tutoring jobs. Each tutoring session must demonstrate that learning is a process of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating. A first-year college student can definitely take remote tutoring jobs online if they have a good knowledge of the subject they are studying and, ideally, some previous teaching experience.

Helping students appropriate their learning is a fundamental step in the educational process and, as a tutor, you will have the ability and responsibility to guide these students to be empowered learners. Most of the students who take the class are heterosexual A students who like or love mathematics, not necessarily major mathematics students, and most of them were math tutors in the past.

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