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The aim of these programmes is to trainand develop graduates to become competent auditors, capable of examiningorganisations' financial accounts and ensuring their accuracy and fairness.Shareholders rely on the information provided by auditors to make informeddecisions about businesses.

As part of these schemes, participantsgain valuable hands-on experience by working with clients, understanding theirbusiness operations, identifying risks, and developing strategies to mitigatethem. Additionally, participants often study for professional qualificationsalongside their practical experience.

The use of technology in auditingprocesses is also gaining popularity, allowing for automation andstandardisation.

Overall, audit graduate schemes providegraduates with the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in the dynamicfield of auditing.

Key Takeaways

Audit graduate schemes are highly sought-after programmes thatprovide recent graduates with the opportunity to develop their skills andknowledge in the field of audit. These schemes are offered by variouscompanies, including Grant Thornton, KPMG, and other reputable firms.

Theaim of these programmes is to train and equip graduates to become competentauditors, capable of examining organisations' financial accounts and ensuringtheir accuracy and fairness. Shareholders rely on the information provided byauditors to make informed decisions.

Participantsof these programmes gain valuable hands-on experience by working with clients,understanding their business operations, identifying risks, and devisingstrategies to mitigate them. Additionally, participants often study forprofessional qualifications alongside their practical experience.

Theuse of technology in auditing processes is also becoming more popular, allowingfor automation and standardisation.

Overall,audit graduate schemes provide graduates with the necessary skills andqualifications to succeed in the ever-evolving field of auditing.

Top Audit Schemes

The top audit graduate schemes, such as those offered by GrantThornton, KPMG, Deloitte, Mazars, BDO, The National Audit Office, RSM, and PwC,provide graduates with hands-on experience, professional qualifications, andopportunities to work with clients in order to ensure the accuracy andreliability of financial statements.

These schemes offer numerous benefits to graduates seeking a careerin audit. Firstly, they provide valuable hands-on experience in examiningorganisations and ensuring the integrity of their financial accounts. Thisexperience allows graduates to develop a deep understanding of auditingprocesses and techniques.

Secondly, these schemes offer professional qualifications, such asthe Chartered Accountant qualification, which enhance the graduates' credibilityand marketability in the industry.

Lastly, audit graduate schemes provide excellent career progressionopportunities, allowing graduates to advance to senior positions withinauditing firms or even move into management or leadership roles within the organisationsthey work with.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton offers a comprehensive program that provides aspiringprofessionals with practical experience and industry-recognised qualificationsin the field of auditing.

As part of the audit scheme, participants have the opportunity togain hands-on experience working with a wide range of clients, includingmultinational corporations and small businesses.

The program at Grant Thornton includes the following key components:

1.         ClientExposure: Participants are exposed to a diverse portfolio of clients, allowingthem to develop a deep understanding of different industries and businessmodels.

2.         ProfessionalQualifications: The scheme provides support and resources for participants tostudy for professional qualifications such as the Association of CharteredCertified Accountants (ACCA) or the Institute of Chartered Accountants inEngland and Wales (ICAEW).

3.         Mentorship:Participants are assigned a mentor who provides guidance and support throughouttheir journey, helping them to negotiate challenges and develop their skills.

4.         NetworkingOpportunities: Grant Thornton offers various networking events andopportunities to connect with professionals in the industry, allowingparticipants to build a strong professional network.

Overall, the audit scheme at Grant Thornton provides aspiringauditors with the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to excel inthe field of auditing.


KPMGoffers an auditing programme that provides participants with the opportunity tostudy near a training hub and gain practical experience working at a KPMGoffice. This programme allows individuals to develop the necessary skills andknowledge required for a successful career in auditing. KPMG's trainingprogramme is designed to equip participants with a strong understanding ofauditing principles, accounting standards, and relevant legislation.Participants are able to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practicalsetting, working alongside experienced professionals who provide guidance andsupport.

Tofurther engage the audience, a table can be incorporated to showcase thevarious job opportunities and training programmes available at KPMG:

Job Opportunities

Training Programme

Audit Associate

Audit Foundations Programme

Audit Senior Associate

Audit Advanced Programme

Audit Manager

Audit Leadership Programme

Audit Director

Executive Leadership Programme


Partner Development Programme

Byoffering a wide range of job opportunities and comprehensive trainingprogrammes, KPMG ensures that participants have the necessary resources toexcel in their careers and serve their clients effectively.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What are thespecific qualifications required to apply for the audit graduate schemesmentioned in the article?

Thespecific qualifications required to apply for the audit schemes mentioned varyacross companies. Common requirements include a relevant degree, good academicachievement, and a commitment to gaining professional qualifications such asACA or CA.

Caninternational students apply for these audit graduate schemes?

Internationalstudents may face challenges when applying for audit graduate schemes due tovisa requirements. These requirements can vary depending on the country and thespecific scheme. It is essential for international students to research andcomprehend the visa requirements before applying.

Are these auditgraduate schemes open to candidates from all academic backgrounds?

Auditgraduate schemes do not usually require candidates to have a particularacademic background. However, having transferable skills such as analyticalthinking, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities can improve careerprospects in the field of auditing. These skills are highly sought after in theindustry and can be developed through various avenues, including specializedcourses or self-directed learning.

What is theaverage starting salary for graduates enrolled in these audit graduate schemes?

Theaverage starting salary for graduates enrolled in audit graduate schemes canvary depending on the company and location. Candidates can expect highlycompetitive salaries, along with chances for career development and a range ofbenefits and perks such as professional qualifications and hands-on experiencewith clients.

Do these auditgraduate schemes offer any opportunities for international travel orsecondments?

Auditgraduate schemes offer opportunities for international travel and secondments,offering advantages such as exposure to different business environments,cultural exchange, and improved global perspective. Making the most of thesechances involves adapting to new settings, establishing professional networks,and acquiring cross-cultural communication abilities.

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