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A renowned career coaching company inthe UK offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at helping students andgraduates in the highly competitive job market. With over 5000 successfulcases, it offers personalised one-to-one career coaching to help identifyindividual strengths, career goals and develop the necessary skills for successin the chosen industry.

Through talent assessment, careerplanning, CV and LinkedIn profile creation, job applications, interviewcoaching and mentoring, the company equips graduates with the tools they needto stand out in the job market.

It also has a digital internshipprogramme that provides essential digital skills and industry-recognised certifications,along with comprehensive career coaching. Moreover, its online courses covertopics such as understanding the job market and excelling in interviews.

By leveraging the expertise of itscoaches, the company is dedicated to helping clients turn their degrees intosuccessful careers, whether it be securing their first job, changing careerpaths or advancing in their current roles.

Key Takeaways

A renowned career coaching company in the UK offers a comprehensiverange of services aimed at helping students and graduates in the highlycompetitive job market. With over 5000 successful cases, it providespersonalised one-to-one career coaching to help identify individual strengths,career goals and develop the necessary skills for success in the chosenindustry.

Talentassessment, career planning, CV and LinkedIn profile creation, jobapplications, interview coaching and mentoring are used to equip graduates withthe tools they need to stand out in the job market. Additionally, there is adigital internship programme that provides essential digital skills andindustry-recognised certifications, along with comprehensive career coaching.Moreover, its online courses cover topics such as understanding the job marketand excelling in interviews.

Thecompany is dedicated to helping clients turn their degrees into successfulcareers, whether it be securing their first job, changing career paths oradvancing in their current roles. By leveraging the expertise of its coaches,it provides the necessary guidance and support to help students and graduatesreach their professional goals.

How it helps

Career coaching services offered provide students and graduates withexpert advice, tailored support, and practical skills to tackle the competitivejob market, improve their CVs, succeed in interviews, and reach their careeraims.

Throughone-to-one coaching sessions, graduates can identify their abilities and careeraspirations, and coaches provide guidance and mentorship to assist them intheir chosen industry.

Furthermore,a network of industry connections is available, allowing graduates to makevaluable contacts which can boost their career prospects.

Testimonialsfrom over 5000 students and graduates who have landed their dream jobs show theeffectiveness of these services.

Byoffering comprehensive support and resources, these services allow students andgraduates to turn their degrees into successful careers.

Stages of coaching

The six stages of one-to-one coaching service provided are:

1.         Talentassessment: Coaches can identify individual strengths and skills through talentassessment.

2.         Careerplanning: This stage helps clients understand their career goals and developstrategies to achieve them.

3.         CV andLinkedIn profile creation: Coaches assist in creating professional CVs andLinkedIn profiles that effectively highlight a candidate's qualifications.

4.         Jobapplications: This stage includes advice on searching for appropriate jobopportunities and submitting tailored applications.

5.         Interviewcoaching: Coaches equip clients with essential skills and techniques to performwell in interviews.

6.         Mentoring:This stage provides ongoing support and guidance to clients even after theyhave secured a job.

By using various coaching techniques, clients can receive thenecessary guidance and support for a successful career transition.

Interview Preparation

Interview preparation involves acquiring essential skills andtechniques to succeed in job interviews. Career coaching services provideinterview coaching to help students and graduates develop the necessaryconfidence and abilities. Coaches offer practical tips and strategies to make alasting impression during interviews, increasing the chances of landing desiredjobs.

Through one-to-one coaching and online courses such as the 'Nail thatInterview' program, clients can practice interview skills through videopractice, and receive assessments, and feedback. These resources help individualscombat interview nerves and increase their chances of success.

By concentrating on interview techniques and confidence building,career coaching services ensure that students and graduates are well-equippedto take on the competitive job market and secure their desired positions.

Digital InternshipProgram

The Digital Internship program equips students and graduates withessential digital skills for employability, providing industry-recogniseddigital certifications and hands-on assignments for practical experience.

This programme focuses on training individuals in digital skillsthat are highly sought after in today's job market.

Through the programme, participants gain practical experience byworking on assignments that simulate real-world scenarios.

Additionally, the programme offers industry-recognised digital certifications,which can enhance the participants' credentials and increase their chances ofsecuring employment.

By completing the Digital Internship programme, students andgraduates develop a strong foundation in digital skills, making them morecompetitive in the job market.

This programme is designed to provide the necessary training andcertifications to help individuals succeed in their chosen careers.

Online courses

Online courses offer students and graduates the chance to enhancetheir skills and knowledge in various facets of the job market. These coursesare designed to equip individuals with effective strategies and skilldevelopment to assist them in succeeding in their careers.

The 'How to get a Graduate Job' course provides a comprehensiveunderstanding of the job market, giving students and graduates the knowledgeand tools they need to thrive in a competitive environment.

The 'Nail That Interview' course focuses on alleviating interviewnerves and ensuring success through video practice, assessment, and feedback.

By taking part in these online courses, individuals can boost theirconfidence, interview skills, and overall employability. These courses aretailored to the specific needs of students and graduates, offering themvaluable insights and practical techniques to excel in their chosen careerpaths.

Benefits of coaching

One of the advantages of career coaching is the chance to receiveexpert guidance and support in recognising their strengths and weaknesses,ultimately helping them fulfil their career goals. Career coaching servicesprovide professional career coaches who offer personalised advice andassistance in navigating the competitive job market. They help students andgraduates transform their degrees into successful careers by providingone-to-one coaching, digital internship programmes, and online courses. Throughcareer coaching, individuals can gain beneficial insights into their abilitiesand skills, receive practical tips and strategies for job applications andinterviews, and benefit from ongoing support and mentorship. Success storiesfrom previous clients showcase the effectiveness of career coaching in helpingindividuals acquire their dream jobs and progress in their chosen fields.Overall, career coaching provides essential career guidance and support forstudents and graduates, empowering them to realise their professionalaspirations.

Frequently AskedQuestions

How much doesthe career coaching service cost?

Thecost of the career coaching service varies depending on the package chosen.There are affordable options available for students and graduates, with costcomparisons and flexible payment plans to ensure accessibility for all.

How long doesthe digital internship program last?

Thedigital internship program has a duration of [duration]. It provides essentialdigital skills, industry-recognised certifications, practical experience, andcomprehensive career coaching to enhance employability and job prospects.

Can I access theonline courses anytime, or are they only available at specific times?

Theonline courses available provide flexible access for students and graduates.Self-paced learning enables individuals to progress at their own speed,offering convenience and adaptability. This type of learning providesindividuals with the opportunity to learn when and where they wish.

Are there anysuccess stories or testimonials from previous clients?

Yes,there are numerous success stories and testimonials from previous clients whohave benefited from career coaching services. These stories illustrate howindividuals have been able to secure their dream jobs and reach their careeraspirations.

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