How much does a tutor earn a year in the UK?

MyTutor said tutors take home £18.50 per hour on average, but it varies between £11 and £32.50 per tutorial, depending on the price they charge. If possible, talk to a private tutor for advice on how to plan and start offering your own private teaching service. While you don't have to be an Oxbridge candidate to make it into the ranks of those who charge over £50, many parents see this badge of approval as the focus of their tutor recruitment, especially when looking for tutors for entrance exams. Superprof is one of the most popular tutoring platforms and has nearly 16 million tutors worldwide.

There are a large number of private tutoring agencies or you can promote yourself independently to attract students, develop your network and receive recommendations. The school has students who show interest, aptitude and desire to succeed, so they are willing to reward this by creating a team of subject matter specialists to help students achieve their potential. The qualifications a tutor needs will depend on what they are going to teach and the age group they are going to teach. Many websites allow tutors to set the hours they want to work and give them the flexibility to earn money how and when they want.

It promotes safe work with children, youth and vulnerable adults and helps students, parents or caregivers make decisions about using a tutor. If you have worked as a mentor or tutor in a school setting, through a private teaching company or at the university, this is an ideal location. You will need to promote your qualifications to demonstrate your experience, knowledge of the subject and ability to provide a good level of mentoring. For example, Tutorful said that it received a large number of requests from tutors each week and therefore has several conditions that each tutor must meet to ensure that they only work with the best tutors.

As many foreigners seek to teach their native languages, there are more language tutors available and therefore tuition in these subjects is usually charged at a slightly lower rate. A lot of new tutors ask us if they should charge a little less to begin with, say £10, and they may feel guilty about charging such a high hourly rate. Some guardians from experienced agencies may obtain employment contracts when families seek a guardian for a long period of time.

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